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At Steps, Inc. Consulting, we specialize in Educational Training and Development, offering a comprehensive range of services. With our focus on educational training and development, we actively work as community builders and facilitators, striving to foster community development through grassroots organizing and training initiatives.

Our commitment to community development is evident in the range of services we provide. As part of our offerings, we partner with organization to ensure HUD Certified Training Courses are available, equipping individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of housing and urban development. These courses are designed to empower participants and promote sustainable community growth.

In addition, Steps, Inc. Consulting excels in Steering Committee and Task Force Building. We understand the importance of effective collaboration and collective decision-making in driving community initiatives forward. Through our expertise in building cohesive and productive steering committees and task forces, we help communities leverage their strengths and resources to achieve their goals.

Specialized effective training is key to propelling communities to higher levels of success. At Steps, Inc. Consulting, we develop and deliver customized training programs designed to address specific community needs. By focusing on areas such as leadership development, conflict resolution, project management, and community engagement, we equip individuals and organizations with the tools and skills necessary to drive positive change and advance community goals. 

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